Buchanan/Foster 2000

60-sec. radio spot from Oct. 2000.

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Female Announcer: Al Gore supports affirmative action.  So does George W. Bush.  

In Texas, Mr. Bush signed two affirmative action laws.

Affirmative action gives preferential treatment to minorities based on their skin color or ethnic heritage.

It's racism and government bigotry.

Affirmative action discriminates against whites and insults minorities by assuming they cannot get ahead without favoritism, but Bush and Gore think that's just fine.

Maybe they'd like to explain to your son why reverse discrimination kept him out of college when less qualified applicants were accepted.

Pat Buchanan has zero tolerance for racial quotas either on the job or in our schools.  He's the only presidential candidate fighting for equal rights for all Americans.

Pat Buchanan: Hi, this is Pat Buchanan.  On Election Day send a message to the two parties that have abandoned us.  Vote Buchanan for President and help us build a third party that puts Americans first.

Male Announcer: To help, call 1-800 GO PAT GO.  That's 1-800 GO PAT GO.  Paid for by Buchanan-Foster.