Buchanan/Foster 2000

"Alaskan Oil"
60 sec. radio spot.

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Pat Buchanan: Friends, are you folks in Alaska just a little bit fed up with outsiders telling what you can and can't do--with your own land?

Hi, I'm Pat Buchanan.

Today, a foreign oil conspiracy called OPEC is holding America hostage.  And Beltway bureaucrats, who answer to the environmentalist lobby, refuse to allow any drilling in the ANWAR where five billion barrels of oil lie just under the ground.

That oil belongs to Alaska.  And the people who should make the decision about how best to protect Alaska's beauty, and use her natural resources, are the people who live here and raise their families here, not special-interest lobbyists who live five thousand miles away in Washington, DC.

It's time for a Third Party that puts Americans first.

Female Announcer:  On Election Day send a message to the two parties that have abandoned us.  Vote Buchanan for President and help us build a third party that puts faith and family first.  To help call 1-800 GO PAT GO.  Paid for by Buchanan-Foster.