Buchanan/Foster 2000

"Immigration Border Revised"
60 sec. radio spot.

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Male Announcer: On a map it looks like a border; on the ground it looks like a battlefield.

[Music] Our country has become the safety valve for Mexico's social crisis.  Although it's our duty to Mexico as a neighbor to help, we have a higher duty to our own country to control our borders and to stop the constant flow of illegal aliens into our land.  George W. Bush and Al Gore have abandoned this duty.

Only one Presidential candidate is prepared to put America back in control of her own borders, Pat Buchanan.  Because Pat Buchanan knows that while the Mexican people are good people, the practices of those who smuggle immigrants into our country are inexorably tied to violence, drug smuggling and corruption, and illegal immigrants provide a constant source of cheap labor, forcing American wages down.

While other politicians run away from America's immigration crisis, Pat Buchanan faces it head on.  Vote for the third party that puts Americans first.  Vote Pat Buchanan. [Stop Music]

You can join in the fight to take back America.  Call 1-800 GO PAT GO.  That's 1-800 GO PAT GO.  Paid for by Buchanan-Foster.