Buchanan/Foster 2000 Advertising
Love Advertising

"Auction" (Oct. 27, 2000)
"Immigration 2" (latter part of Oct. 2000)
"Alaska" (Alaska, latter part of Oct. 2000)
"Culture War-Boy Scouts" (Oct. 19, 2000)
"Immigration-Meatball" (Oct. 9, 2000)

"Culture War"
"Big Government"
"Immigration Border Revised"
"Vermont Civil Unions"
"Alaskan Oil"
"Abortion Pill"
"Litmus Test"
"Abortion Announcer"
"Rally in Detroit" (MI, Sept. 14-18, 2000)
"'Bob Jones' - Kickoff" (SC, approx. Sept. 14-18, 2000)
"Candice Miller" (MI)

The Buchanan campaign started running radio ads the same day as it received general election funds from the Treasury, on Sept. 14, 2000.  The first ads went up in Michigan and South Carolina in advance of appearances by Mr. Buchanan. 

All told the campaign spent just under $10 million for advertising, with about 65% for television and 35% for radio.  TV ads ran in at least 20 states.  Four TV spots aired in various markets nationally and one ran only in Alaska; a fifth ad on bringing the troops home was unveiled late in the campaign at a New York press conference but did not run.  Among the major themes in ads that did run were immigration and cultural issues.  The first TV spot "Immigration-Meatball" and the last "Auction" employed humor, an approach seen in few presidential ads this cycle.  Many of the ads carried the tag line, "Vote for the Third Party that puts Americans First.  Vote Pat Buchanan for President."

Areas where the campaign made significant buys included California, Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson), Florida (from Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg north to the Panhandle), Minnesota, North Dakota and Arkansas.  The highest point totals were in Alaska.


"Detroit Abortion Donut" (MI, Sept. 14-19, 2000)
"Bob Jones Abortion Donut" (SC, through Sept. 18, 2000)