Buchanan/Foster 2000

"Litmus Test"
60 sec radio spot.

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Pat Buchanan: Hi, this is Pat Buchanan.

George Bush says he's pro-life, but has no litmus test on nominees to the Supreme Court.  Can we trust him to name pro-life judges?

Well, let's look at the record.

Three out of the four judges Mr. Bush named to the Texas Supreme Court voted to overturn his own parental notification law.  Three of four voted pro-abortion.  That's a pretty sorry record to rely on, isn't it?

Friends, I do have a litmus test: Every judge I name to the Supreme Court will be a pro-life conservative who agrees with me that Roe v Wade was an abomination.  In a Buchanan White House, no liberal judicial activists need apply. 

It's time for a Third Party.  One that puts faith and family first.

Female Announcer:  On Election Day send a message to the two parties that have abandoned us.  Vote Buchanan for President and help us build a third party that puts faith and family first.  To help call 1-800 GO PAT GO.   Paid for by Buchanan-Foster.