Buchanan Foster

30 sec. TV spot started running Oct. 9, 2000.

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TV News Anchor: ...have signed an executive order saying that English is no longer our national language.  It's executive order 13166 and...

[Man Chokes.  SFX: Dialing]

911 Recording: Thank you for calling 911.  Please listen for your language.
For Spanish, Press One.  For Korean, Press Two.  For Bengali, Press Three.  For Russian, Press Four.  For Swedish, Press Five.

Announcer:  Do you ever miss...English?

Immigration is out of control.  Bush and Gore are writing off English for good.  What can you do about it?

Announcer: Vote for the Third Party that puts Americans First.  Vote Buchanan for President.

911 Recording: For Swahili, Press Twelve.


Background: Buchanan's first ad throws a meatball into the mix, using some dark humor to make a point about how high immigration could have untoward consequences.