Bush for President, Inc.

Real Time 011800 (Pittsfield)
30 sec. TV spot run in NH latter part of Jan.  2000.

Maverick Media

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On the screen:  "Campaign Update  Pittsfield, NH  January 18, 2000"

Gov. Bush: My opponent trusts the people of Washington to spend money.  

I trust the people of New Hampshire to make the right decisions for their families.

If he says something I don't agree with I'm going to point it out. 

I don't agree with leaving money in Washington, DC, and I sure don't agree with, you know, saying that you're going to take $40 billion of employer-related benefits and have the people pay tax on 'em--I think that is a mistake. 

If you abolish employer-related benefits to pay for a tax cut, it means that working people are going to have to pay those benefits.

On the screen:  "To be continued..."