Bush for President, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot run in Iowa and New Hampshire starting Oct. 25, 1999.

Maverick Media

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[Music throughout] Gov. George W. Bush:  I believe that government should do a few things and do them well.

My top priorities will be to preserve social security and Medicare and to strengthen education and our military.

I believe that once top priorities have been funded we should pass money back to the taxpayers.

That's what I've done in Texas.  I signed the two largest tax cuts in our state's history, and we still have no personal income tax.

I believe we ought to cut tax rates to continue economic growth and to broaden prosperity.


Background: The Bush campaign launched its TV advertising campaign on Oct. 25, 1999 with four TV spots and one radio spot.  It described the ads as "a series of positive, issue specific commercials."  The campaign further added, "The television buy is a mid-size one; the average person in Iowa and New Hampshire will see the ads approximately three to five times a week." 

Imagery: Bush against a straight white background talking to the camera.  A number of scenes are intercut to illustrate points including a close up of a woman's face ("save Social Security"), a senior using a walker to move around the house ("preserve Medicare"), students using a microscope ("strengthen education") and a veteran, helped by a child, raising the flag ("strenghten military").  A montage of family scenes illustrates Bush's narration about signing tax cuts.

Analysis: In this ad Bush outlines in very general terms his policy priorities.  The ad thus complements another of the introductory ads, "Successful Leader," which highlights Bush's accomplishments.  

"Priorities" is altogether more hard-edged than "Hopeful," another ad in this initial series.  "Hopeful" presents a casual, relaxed Bush.  In "Priorities" Bush comes right at the viewer; the ad opens immediately with him speaking.  Bush is also shown backed by a stark white background in contrast to the casual den setting in "Hopeful."  

Bush's listing of "save Social Security" and "preseve Medicare" as his first two priorities show that the Bush campaign does not intend to allow itself to be villified as happened to Republicans in 1995 and 1996 when Democrats charged that "Dole-Gingrich" would allow Medicare to "wither on the vine."