Bush for President, Inc.

"Every Child"
30 sec. TV spot run in Iowa and New Hampshire starting Oct. 25, 1999.

Maverick Media

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[Music throughout] Gov. George W. Bush:  We should make this solemn commitment.  That every child will be educated.  As President, I will give states and local school districts more authority and flexibility, and encourage them to measure results for every child.

I will challenge failure with charters and choice.  And I will change Head Start to teach our youngest children phonics and reading.

Every child must be educated.  Because there are no second rate children, and no second rate dreams


Background: The Bush campaign launched its TV advertising campaign on Oct. 25, 1999 with four TV spots and one radio spot.  It described the ads as "a series of positive, issue specific commercials."  The campaign further added, "The television buy is a mid-size one; the average person in Iowa and New Hampshire will see the ads approximately three to five times a week." 

Imagery: This is the most creative of the initial series of Bush spots.  It opens with an image of a boy, dressed in a red shirt and blue jeans and carrying a teddy bear, walking down a flight of white stairs and closes with the boy walking up the stairs.  Bush does voice over for most of the ad but is shown talking to the camera a couple of times.  There are clips of children in various settings.  Curiously, the text used to highlight the main points in this ad ("every child educated"  "local control, measure results" "charters and choice" and "phonics and reading") is scratchy or dusty looking, like one might see in an old movie.  This may have the effect of causing the viewer to focus on those words more closely.

Analysis: In this ad Bush focuses on education, setting out approaches which parallel what he has done in Texas.