Bush for President, Inc.

"The Spotlight is On Us"
60 sec. radio spot in Spanish run in Iowa starting Oct. 25, 1999 Nov. 1999. (see note below).

Maverick Media


Announcer:  Every four years the Iowa caucus makes history across America.  Why?  As the first presidential contest, it sets the direction for how the leader of our country is elected.

So, once again, the spotlight is on Iowa.  And for the first time it's shining on the Latino community.  We're voters too, and George W. Bush believes that all Iowans should help elect a President.  That no one be left behind.

In this presidential election you will see a fresh start, the beginning of a new day for Latinos.  George W. Bush is a family man.  He comes to Iowa to ask for your support because he believe that the American Dream belongs to everyone.

Gov. George W. Bush:  Les habla George W. Bush.  Es un nuevo dia.

Announcer: Paid for by the George W. Bush for President Committee.


Background: The Bush campaign launched its TV advertising campaign on Oct. 25, 1999 with four TV spots and one radio spot.  It described the ads as "a series of positive, issue specific commercials."  The campaign further added, "The television buy is a mid-size one; the average person in Iowa and New Hampshire will see the ads approximately three to five times a week." 

Analysis: Gov. Bush did well among Hispanic voters in Texas; his supporters frequently cite exit poll results showing he won 49% of the Hispanic vote in his 1998 reelection campaign.  Now, he hopes to extend that appeal nationally, including, in this case Iowa.
Note. The Des Moines Register reported on Nov. 12, 1999 ("Bush's ads English-only so far in Iowa" by Jeff Zeleny) that as of that time this radio spot had not run in Iowa.  The article quoted a Bush spokesman as saying, "Ads will be placed soon," specifically on KDMI-AM in Des Moines and on a Sioux City station.