Bush for President, Inc.

"Manchester West"
30 sec. TV spot run in NH starting Dec. 1999.

Maverick Media

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Gov. George W. Bush:  A leader learns to take the will of the people and convert it into public policy.  And so I'm used to having to set an agenda.

It's important to cut the rates in order to keep the economy growing.

If you like what you hear, endorse my plan.  Send a signal to Washington that a $480 billion tax cut over 5 years is what they want. 

I've been criticized in this tax plan for it being too bold, and I've been criticized in this tax plan for it not being bold enough [sound: cheers] which kind of says to me I'm doing all right.

On the screen: "To be continued..."



Background: This is the first of the campaign's instant spots, built on footage shot during Bush's appearance at Manchester West High School on Dec. 20, 1999.