Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc.

"Phyllis Hunter" 
30 sec. TV spot released Oct. 18, 2000.

Maverick Media

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Phyllis Hunter: I have seen a big difference since he has been the Governor of the state of Texas.

Governor Bush: We want every child to be able to access the greatness of America.  And it starts with teaching every child to read.

Phyllis Hunter: He said if you need it, weíll get it for you.  We have web sites.  We have grant programs. And we have George leading the way.  People ask me why have I followed him so intently in education and reading.  I followed him because heís been a leader.

Governor Bush: Reading is the new civil right.  Itís if you canít read, you canít access the American dream. 


Background: Hunter is a reading initiative consultant who was a reading manager with the Houston Independent School District when she met Governor Bush.  The footage of Hunter was also used in the Bush intro video shown at the Republican National Convention prior to his acceptance speech.