Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot released Oct. 26, 2000 "significant buy" in California and in Illinois (Oct. 27) and was, with "Nonsense," one of the campaign's two closing spots.

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Governor Bush:  I believe we need to encourage personal responsibility so people are accountable for their actions.  And I believe in government that is responsible to the people.

That's the difference in philosophy between my opponent and me.

He trusts government.  I trust you.

I trust you to invest some of your own social security money for higher returns. 

I trust local people to run their own schools. 

I trust you with some of the budget surplus. 

We should help people live their lives, but not run them. 

I'm asking for your vote.


Background: With the race in California tightening, the Bush campaign went on air for the first time in the golden state.  "California is within striking distance for Governor Bush," stated Bush spokesperson Mindy Tucker upon release of this ad.  "Trust" is very similar to the ad of the same name that ran earlier in the month, although it is pared down to 30 seconds and concludes with Bush asking for people's votes.