Bush for President, Inc.

"Senator Grassley"
60 sec. radio spot run in Iowa starting Jan. 18 2000.

Maverick Media


Senator Grassley:  This is Senator Chuck Grassley.  The caucuses are just around the corner, and some Presidential candidates are trying to win Iowa votes by slinging mud and distorting records.

You might receive their misleading phone calls, negative mail, or see or hear their attack ads.

Do what Barbara and I do: Hang up the phone, throw the mail out, and change the station.

There's something else you can do.  Join me in helping George W. Bush.  I'm supporting Governor Bush for President because he's running a positive campaign.

His compassionate conservative agenda is good for Iowa and good for America.  Governor Bush is a tax cutter.  He supports local control of education.  He'll protect Social Security.  And don't let anyone else tell you different.

If you're tired of mudslinging and name calling, go to the caucuses Monday, January 24th and join me in voting for a fresh start for America by voting for George W. Bush.

Gov. George W. Bush: Paid for by Bush for President, Incorporated.