Bush for President, Inc.

"Challenge the Status Quo" 
60 sec. TV spot run in select IL markets (reaching as well into IA, KY and MO) starting March 17, 2000.

Maverick Media

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Female Announcer: Is the status quo [music] in America's schools good enough?

Under Al Gore and Bill Clinton, national reading scores stagnated.  America's high school students place almost dead last in international math tests.  The achievement gap between poor and non-poor students remains wide.

Gore and Clinton had eight years, but they've failed.

As President, George W. Bush will challenge the status quo with a crusade to improve education.  He'll fight for reforms hailed as the most fundamental in a generation: demand high standards and accountability for students and teachers, restore local control of schools, increase funding but change the system so successful schools are rewarded and failing ones must improve.

He'll turn Head Start into a reading program and close the achievement gap that hurts those on the edges of poverty.  His goal?  Teach every child to read because there are no second rate children, no second rate dreams.

Governor George W. Bush: A Fresh Start for Education.


Background:  Ostensibly aired for the March 21 Illinois primary, this ad precipitated the first ad skirmish of the fall campaign.  The subject was education.  See Analysis.