Democratic National Committee

60 sec. radio spot run starting Oct. 13, 2000, part of a $1.5 million radio and print African American ad campaign .

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[Music--starts out with warpath-like drumbeat and ends upbeat] 
Al Gore: We can all see the image of James Byrd chained and dragged to his death behind a pickup truck in Texas.  This is Vice President Al Gore.

That crime against James Byrd was horribly wrong.  It is a hate crime and should be punished as a hate crime. 

But it's not just in extreme cases where discrimination must end.  Racial profiling needs to be banned and we need affirmative action and we need to enforce affirmative action.

For eight years we've worked to build an administration that reflects America.  We've nominated 67 African Americans to the federal bench.  We've had more African Americans serving in the Cabinet than any administration in history.  And a track record of working side-by-side with almost 49 African American members of Congress to get results.  That matters.

It's not enough to talk about building a more just America.  I've worked with African American leaders to move America forward.

My plan is to continue the progress.  We can do it. 

Male Announcer: Paid for by the Democratic National Committee.