Anuncios en Español 
Ads in Spanish

RNC issue ad:  "Para Sentirse Mejor" (Oct. 31, 2000)
Bush-Cheney, Inc.: "El Sueño Americano es para ti." (Oct. 26, 2000)
RNC issue ad:  "Nuestros Hijos" (Oct. 19, 2000--7 states)
[Bush-Cheney, Inc.: "Same As Mine" run again starting Oct. 18, 2000]
Bush-Cheney, Inc.: Spanish Education Ad (Sept. 15, 2000--FL, NM)
RNC issue ad:  "Esta generación" (June 19, 2000--NM)
Bush for President: "Same As Mine" and "How About You"  (June 10 and 11, 2000--NYC) 

Bush for President: "Un Nuevo Día" (Feb. 23, 2000--CA)


DNC issue ad: "Word Association" (Nov. 4-7, 2000--national buy on Telemundo)
DNC issue ad: "Hablan los Tejanos"
DNC issue ad: "Falso"
DNC issue ad:  "Niños" (Oct. 23-Nov., 2000)
DNC issue ad: "College for Latinos" (Oct. 9-22, 2000)
DNC issue ad:  "Al Gore y Los Democratas" (June 20-July 16, 2000--FL, Chicago, WI, NM)

Gore/Lieberman, Inc.: "I Want...2" (late October)
Gore/Lieberman, Inc.: "I Want...1" (late October)
Gore/Lieberman, Inc.: "Rostros de Norte America" ("Faces of America") (Oct. 16, 2000)

Gore 2000 radio:  California ad (March 2000)
Gore 2000 TV:  "Su Voto" (approx. Feb. 21, 2000)

Sierra Club: "Ignorado" (Sept. 19, 2000--CA, FL, IL, NM) 

Republican Party of Virginia
Quarter-page ad run in the Oct. 27, 2000 issues of El Tiempo Latino (red) and Washington Hispanic (blue), two Spanish language weeklies in Northern Virginia, carried the headline "Cuando Hay Educacion, Hay Oportunidad."  Although the layouts and photos for the two ads differ, the text of the ads is nearly identical.
Democratic National Committee
Ads by A. Gutierrez & Associates, Inc. run in about 27 papers, mostly weekly Spanish language papers (English and Spanish papers in New Mexico), in eight states (FL, NV, MO, MI, NM, OH, WA and WI) during the period Oct. 11, 2000 to Nov. 5, 2000.  The first one has the same text as the narration of the DNC ad "College for Latinos" while the second one parallels the DNC ad "Niños."


1. Armando Gutierrez produced the DNC ads; the DNC spent $2.7 million on Hispanic TV, radio and print ads.  Gutierrez also produced Gore primary ads.  After the Democratic National Convention, the Gore campaign brought on the Bethesda, Maryland firm of EMM and Pablo Izquierdo.  Gutierrez's ads were more issue-based and Izquierdo's more aspirational, however, the campaign spent much less on Hispanic advertising than did the party.