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60 sec. TV spot part of buy run in Iowa, NH, AZ and CA starting June 2, 1999.

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Steve Forbes:  Politicians shouldn't raid the social security trust fund.  They shouldn't be stealing from it, plundering it.  That belongs to the American people.

You know, if you put a pot of honey in a forest, bears are going to come along and put their paws in it.  They can't help it.  It's their nature.  If you put a pot of money in Washington, politicians are going to come along and put their paws on it.  They can't help it.

And that's why we should phase in a new system where the bulk of your payroll tax, your social security tax, especially if you are a younger person, goes directly into your own retirement account.

And that way we won't have to depend on Washington politicians.  But instead we'll do what we do in America when we have a problem, take the power away from those who can't handle it right.  And return it to we the people.  I trust the American people more on this than I do those in Washington.