Forbes 2000, Inc.

60 sec. TV spot part of buy run in Iowa, NH, AZ and CA starting June 2, 1999.

Eisner | Johnson
Political Consultancy

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Steve Forbes:  You know the American people, God bless them, spend most of their time concerned about their families, their communities, their work.  They don't always pay a lot of attention to politics.

But at a time like this America's direction is being decided each and every day.  It's going to take an outsider, who's not a part of the political process, who's not caught up in the day to day give and take of compromise with special interests.

It's going to take someone with executive experience, who knows how the world works and doesn't work.  Who has an appreciation for the greatness of the American people.  But also knows what the barriers are to people truly moving ahead, truly realizing the American dream.  Which as you know is allowing each of us and all of us the chance to discover and develop to the fullest our God given talents.

And anything that stands in the way of the dream we must fight.  And anything that enhances the dream we must support.