Forbes 2000, Inc.

"Bush Breaks Tax Pledge"
30 sec. TV spot run in NH starting Jan. 7, 2000. 

Eisner | Johnson
Political Consultancy

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Mary C. Williams (on camera): There's something you need to know about George W. Bush.

In 1994, he signed a pledge with my organization that he would not support sales tax or business tax increases.

In 1997, unfortunately, he broke this pledge.

He proposed an increase in the business tax and sales taxes.

Governor Bush wants people to examine his record to see how he will perform as president.

And his record as far as taxes are concerned, is a record of broken promises.

On the screen: be continued.


Background: Mary C. Williams heads a group called Taxpayers for Accountability in Houston, Texas.  

There had been a lot of speculation about when Forbes would "go negative."  The trigger for this spot was Gov. Bush's statement, in the Jan. 6 debate sponsored by the Union Leader, NECN and NHPTV, that, "This is not only no new taxes.  This is tax cuts, so help me God."