Forbes 2000, Inc.

"Rationale for Candidacy"
60 sec. TV spot started running Dec. 27, 1999 in Iowa and NH.

Eisner | Johnson
Political Consultancy

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Steve Forbes (to camera and voice over): I'm running for president because I believe it's important for somebody to step forward and deal honestly and openly with the American people. 

Someone who will speak directly to the American people about-- 

A healthcare system where you choose your own doctor, not the politicians or bureaucrats. 

A social security system where you choose your retirement account, not the politicians. 

An education system where parents choose the schools that their children go to; no mother should be forced to send her child to a failing school. 

A tax system that is honest and fair for all Americans, not just lobbyists and Washington special interests. 

An America where everyone is allowed to develop to the fullest of their God given talents. 

An America that the world respects and tries to emulate. 

These are the things I will do as president.  But, I need and want your support to make these possibilities a reality. 

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