Forbes 2000, Inc.

60 sec. radio spot, run in Iowa in Aug. 1999, before the Straw Poll.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy

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Steve Forbes: Hi, this is Steve Forbes.

For too long, the politicians and the special interests have had a strangle-hold on Washington--which has held back progress for Americans.

I have laid out specific proposals to create a new tax system that is honest, simple and truly cuts taxes. 

I have laid out a plan for individuals to make their own decisions about their social security account investments.

I am against politicians playing doctor, and favor instead, allowing individuals to choose the health care options that best suit their needs.

I believe the Ames straw vote can serve as a catalyst to get the candidates talking about the issues.  No candidate should avoid debating the real issues of this campaign.

And so again, I issue my challenge to all the GOP Presidential candidates.  We should have a serious debate...on the issues...NOW, before the straw vote.

Iowa deserves it, and America deserves it.  Thank you.

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