Forbes 2000, Inc.

60 sec. radio spots, heard on WHO in Iowa on Jan. 21, 2000; likely running earlier.

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Male Announcer: The next time you hear George W. Bush claim that he is a conservative leader, consider this.  George W. Bush likes to say that when it comes to education no child will be left behind.

Well then how does he explain that since he's been governor of Texas, the S.A.T. scores for Texas schoolchildren have dropped from the 40th worst in the nation to the 46th worst in the nation, and that for a high school in Texas to be rated as acceptable, only 45% of the seniors have to pass a dumbed down test that the Bush administration wrote.

Look.  George W. Bush is a very articulate and charming individual, but we've just had eight years of a very charming and articulate person in the White House.

For just a minute consider Steve Forbes.  Okay, maybe he's not as good an actor as the others, but you know what?  The president isn't supposed to be a performer.  He needs to be a leader.  Steve Forbes is honest, he's innovative, he's conservative.  And he'll lead by giving it to you straight.

Steve Forbes: Paid for by Forbes 2000, Inc.

Analysis: Here is the negative Steve Forbes as recalled from the 1996 campaign but not seen much during the 2000 campaign, at least until the closing weeks.  A couple of months later, after Forbes had bowed out, Vice President Gore used the statistic of Texas' low ranking in S.A.T. scores as a point of attack in a preliminary salvo of the fall campaign (the TV spot "Turning" from March 17, 2000).