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60 sec. radio spot, run in Iowa in Aug. 1999, before the Straw Poll.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy

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Steve Forbes: Hi, this is Steve Forbes.

I believe it's important for you to know where I stand on the issue of protecting the life of all individuals, including the unborn.  I am pro-life.

As President, I will have the authority to appoint judgest to the federal bench.  their appointment will be for life.  Therefore, any judge I appoint for life, will be pro-life

Today, some of the politicians who are running for President won't even tell you what kind of judges they would appoint.

My position is clear.  The federal judges I appoint will value unborn children just as I do.  But as simple as that sounds, it's a pledge that even my pro-life opponents won't make for fear of political repercussions.  It makes no sense to me to win the election and then turn around and appoint judges whose decisions would contradict my own.

I'm Steve Forbes.  If you believe as I do, you can help out by calling toll free, 877-736-7237.

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