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"Leader "
60 sec. radio spot, late 1999.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy

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Announcer: Those who have studied George W. Bush's tax plan are making their judgements. The Union Leader in an editorial stated --quote "Bush does nothing to eliminate the capital gains tax...and he then recomplicates the tax code by adding more loopholes...Bush arranges his tax cut backwards, sizing it so it fits the federal government's status quo of big spending."

Conservative columnist Bob Novak said--quote, "it is clear that granting relief for the new investing class and smashing the present tax system are nowhere on Bush's agenda...Bush is alone among Republican candidates in disavowing tax reform..."  And Novak noted "Why in the world a Republican leader would a Republican leader abandon efforts to demolish the Internal Revenue Service?...Certainly, the Washington lobbyists who support the governor, tell him so."

On taxes, to make your vote count, there is only one choice--Steve Forbes for President.

Steve Forbes: Paid for by Forbes 2000, Inc.