Forbes 2000, Inc.

60 sec. radio spot, heard on WHO in Iowa on Jan. 21, 2000; likely running earlier.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy

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F: I like him.
M: I like him because he's not a politician.
M: He's innovative.
M: He's independent.
M: The special interests don't own Forbes.
M: He's honest.
M: He always gives a straight answer.
M: He's a man of his word.
M: Steve Forbes is a man who will, who will do what he says.
F: I think he's our only hope to change Washington.
F: Steve Forbes--he's a family man.
M: A businessman.
F: He's a leader.
M: I'm tired of politicians who say one thing to get elected, then do just the opposite once they're in office.
F: Steve Forbes--he's not a politician.
M: He doesn't dodge questions.
F: He's consistent.
M: He has strong family values and strong morals.
M: Forbes has integrity.
F: I like him.
M: I trust him.
M: He'll keep his word.

Steve Forbes: This is Steve Forbes.  I believe you deserve the truth.  You deserve honesty.  With your vote I'll bring both to the White House and together we can change Washington.

F: Character matters--a lot.

Steve Forbes: Paid for by Forbes 2000, Inc.

Analysis: This is the radio version of the Forbes TV spot "Character."  It is almost as if a focus group had been held and all the positive remarks uttered about Steve Forbes were strung together.