Forbes 2000, Inc.

"New Economy Plan"
60 sec. radio spot launched Oct. 28, 1999 for a one-week run in Iowa, NH and SC.  Was running regularly on WHO AM 1040 in Iowa during Dec. 1999.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy

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Steve Forbes: Middle class families cannot be asked to enter the 21st century with a 40 percent tax burden, the prospect of Social Security cuts, massive federal debts, and even more tax hikes in the future. 

This is Steve Forbes.  I have a plan to set working families [background music up] free from big government and achieve prosperity and economic security. 

Under my new economy plan, we return the surplus to the American people, to give families the freedom to choose their own schools and doctors, streamline the federal government and reduce the federal debt.  This means faster economic growth, which in turn means higher wages, more jobs, saving Social Security for today's retirees and lower term money for future retirees. 

[background music stronger] I'm Steve Forbes.

As we head into a new century, let's send Washington a message that every American must be included in the new economy.

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Paid for by Forbes 2000, Inc.

Forbes 2000, Inc.

[title unknown]
60 sec. radio spot run regularly on WHO AM 1040 in Iowa during Dec. 1999.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy


Note: Missing first part of this ad.

[Unidentified male announcer]: ...working families.  For farmers the Forbes flat tax means no death tax, no capital gains tax and the full expense of farm equipment can be taken the year the equipment's purchased.  Imagine that.  No more crazy depreciation schedules and no more expensive legal bills trying to figure out your taxes.

Steve Forbes says it's time we take the power out of Washington by replacing our complicated tax code with something normal, hones people can understand, and I agree.  Steve Forbes is my choice for president because he'll change Washington.

Steve Forbes: Paid for by Forbes 2000, Inc.