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Forbes 2000, Inc.

"Raising the Social Security Eligibility Age"
30 sec. TV spot started running in NH Dec. 2, 1999.

Eisner | Johnson
Political Consultancy

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On the screen: Starts with graphic of phone and text "the voice of Steve Forbes;" black and white footage as seen in earlier spots. 

Steve Forbes: In an attempt to respond to important issues immediately, I'm doing this commercial by phone.

Washington [music starts] takes a 12-percent payroll tax for Social Security.  Current law has raised the age of eligibility for millions of Americans from 65 to 67.  Now, George W. Bush says he'll consider raising it even higher.

I say it's a betrayal because that money has been promised to you at age 65.

As president, I'll take Social Security out of the hands of politicians who break promises and put you in control of your retirement money.


Analysis: Did Steve Forbes really call in to do this commercial?  His voice does sound a bit muffled, and it is a creative approach which does lend a certain immediacy to the spot.