Forbes 2000, Inc.

60 sec. radio spots, heard on WHO in Iowa on Jan. 21, 2000; likely running earlier.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy

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[missing first 5-10 seconds]...[Music] Male Announcer:..end the IRS as we know it.  Only one leading candidate plans to abolish the marriage tax penalty, abolish capital gains taxes and immediately abolish death taxes.  Only one leading candidate will permanently ban all new Internet sales taxes, repeal the Clinton-Gore tax increase and the Bush tax increase of 1990.  Only one leading candidate promises to do this by keeping current federal spending caps. 

It's not George W. Bush.

Only Steve Forbes.  Steve Forbes is not a politician.  He's a successful businessman who's independent from Washington's corruption.  Only Steve Forbes refuses any taxpayer funds or special interest PAC money.  Not George. W. Bush.  On taxes, to make your vote count, there's only one choice.  Steve Forbes for president.

Steve Forbes: Paid for by Forbes 2000, Inc.

Analysis: Bush did not take taxpayer funds either.  "The "only Steve Forbes" language echoes Vice President Gore's use of the "only" claim in several of his ads (in "Insure" from Dec. 1999, Gore is "The only candidate who protects Medicare and preserves Medicaid."  In "Teachers" from early Jan. 2000, Gore is "the only Democratic candidate to make education a priority."