Forbes 2000, Inc.

Paul Weyrich ad
60 sec. radio spot, run in Iowa in Aug. 1999, before the Straw Poll.

Eisner | Johnson Political Consultancy

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Paul Weyrich: This is Paul Weyrich.  As a leader of the conservative movement, I've devoted myself to the advocacy of principled conservative ideas.  This is why after long deliberative thought, I've decided to endorse Steve Forbes for President.

Here's my reasoning. 

First, Steve Forbes is a conservative with integrity, free from the corruption of Washington.  He's a real contrast to what we have in Washington right now.

Second, Steve Forbes has the character and independence that, once elected, he will keep his commitments.

Third, I believe that it is important for conservative voters to have a choice other than George W. Bush.  Steve Forbes is the only conservative who can win.

Let me make it clear I'm committed to Steve Forbes for the distance, because with Steve Forbes, grass-roots conservatives will, once again, have a president who will work for true conservative principles.

Let's send Washington a message and make Steve Forbes our next president.

Announcer:  If you have questions call us toll-free at 877 S-FORBES, that's toll-free at 877 S-FORBES.