Coordinated Expend.
Authorized  by Gore/Lieberman, Inc.
Paid for by the DNC

30 sec. TV spot  run starting weekend of Sept. 16-17, 2000.

The Campaign Company

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[Music in background] Gore:  George Bush and I actually agree on accountability in education.

Male Announcer:  The Gore plan begins with accountability.

Gore:  We need smaller class sizes and better trained teachers.

Male Announcer: 100,000 teachers to lower class size, increase discipline and learning.

Gore: We need help for middle class families to pay college tuition by making it tax deductible.

Male Announcer:  A $10,000 dollar deduction for every year in college.

Gore:  We are making education the number one priority.

Background: This ad includes footage from Gore and Lieberman's "On The Road to A+ Education" tour in Ohio on Sept. 12.  It appears to mark the first time Lieberman has been shown in a Gore ad.