Gore 2000, Inc.

60 sec. TV spot  run in Iowa starting Jan. 21, 2000.

Century Media Group.

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[Music] Al Gore: The hallmark of a Gore presidency would be this:

You would know that you would have a president of the United States who was willing to fight for the average working person in America.  Not the wealthy, not the privileged, not the special interests, not the powerful.  I am going to fight for the values and the principles that I think are important in this country. 

And I wouldn't just pay attention to one or two things.

I'd pay attention to keeping that surplus and saving Medicare.

I'd pay attention to going about protecting Medicaid and improving Medicaid.

I'd pay attention to investing in public education.

I wouldn't focus just on one or two priorities; I would focus on the future of the American people, and I would fight for average working families.

And I would go about it by fighting for those who most need an advocate and champion.

Text on the screen: "A strong economy" "Medicare saved" "More affordable prescription drugs" "Medicaid protected" "Revolutionary improvements in education" "Fighting for the family farm" "Protecting air and water"