Gore 2000, Inc.

60 sec. TV spot from Oct. 18, 1999. Ran in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Century Media Group.

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[Music] Male Narrator: He saw his father defeated for the Senate 
Because of his support of civil rights and gun control. 

And he came home from Vietnam 
Doubting politics could make a difference. 

He studied religion at Vanderbilt... 
...started a family... 

And worked as a reporter exposing corruption. 

Al Gore was only 28, 
But he'd seen a lot about what could go wrong in America -- and decided to fight back. 

He won a seat in Congress and 
Became a national leader on the environment. 

Stood against the tide opposing the Reagan budget cuts 
In health, education and help for the poor. 

As Vice President, he defied the gun lobby -- 
And cast the tie-breaking vote to keep guns away from criminals. 

His cause is working families... 

Improved healthcare for every American 

Affordable prescription drugs, 

Revolutionary improvements in education 
So our test scores will be the highest in the world. 

The young man who decided to fight for principle 
Is still leading the way. 

Al Gore. 

Change that works for working families. 


Background: The one-minute biography spot is a common way for a political campaign to start its television advertising. 

Imagery: The ad opens with a couple of black and white film clips--extreme close-up shots of Gore, in uniform, with his father Albert Gore, Sr..  There are a number of archival B&W still photos showing the young Gore in uniform, at Vanderbilt, with his family, and as a reporter.  After a "Watergate" headline and a scene of demonstrators being sprayed with water hoses, there is a clip of  a young Gore talking to a group of citizens.  The camera zooms in on Gore at a podium with the White House in the background to illustrate Gore's years as vice president.  At one point one sees literature from the NRA (National Rifle Association).  Next comes some stock scenes, including a doctor's office and a classroom. The ad closes with a warm color clip of Gore leaning over and showing a rock or something to a small girl.

Analysis: Gore has spoken about how this will be a personal campaign, and the opening images of this ad, featuring the black and white clip of Gore and his father, are decidedly personal.  "Bio" also touches on parts of Gore's life which many people may not be aware of, notably the fact that he studied religion and worked as a reporter.  Out of Gore's seven-plus years as vice president a single vote is highlighted ("As Vice President, he defied the gun lobby-- and cast the tie-breaking vote to keep guns away from criminals."); the ad takes a swipe at favorite target, the National Rifle Association, whose endorsement Gore will surely not gain.  The closing part of the ad, with its use of stock scenes, is very generic, very typical of political ads.  The ad sets out broad goals, surely favored by most Americans, but provides no specifics on how these goals are to be achieved.