Gore 2000, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot  rfrom early March 2000.

Century Media Group.

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Al Gore: It's the only position in our Constitution filled by a person who has to fight for all the people.

Not just the special interests, not one state or one region, not the wealthy and powerful.

A President that's really doing the job the way it's supposed to be done is committed in his or her own heart to fight for all Americans, and especially people who haven't had somebody fight for them in the past.

That's why I want to be President.

On screen: "a higher minimum wage"  "Revolutionary improvements in education" "Defend affirmative action"  "keep our environment clean"  "Protect Medicare and Medicaid"  "Ban junk guns & assault weapons"  "Help families save for college"

Analysis: This ad is clearly targeted toward African Americans.