Gore 2000, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot from Oct. 21, 1999. Ran in California.

Century Media Group.

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Gore: This is one of America's most precious resources.

Part of our heritage--where generations of families have made their living and built their memories.

We need to protect our oceans and beaches, and if elected President, I'll do that.

I'll not only continue the moratorium on new ocean drilling of California's and Florida's coasts, but I'll move to stop drilling in those areas already leased by previous Administrations.

To be good stewards of our Earth, we must create a future worthy of our children.

Background: On June 12, 1998 at the National Ocean Conference in Monterey, Calif., President Clinton signed a directive extending the moratorium for leasing off the United States coast by 10 years.  However, some oil companies have leases for drilling offshore granted by previous administrations and are proposing new drilling. 

Imagery: Beach and coastal scenes, Gore talking to the camera.

Analysis: Like Gore 2000's first ad, "Nuclear Test Ban," this is a straightforward ad in which Gore sets out his position and states clearly what action he will take if elected president.  Gore announced his unequivocal stance on drilling in a speech in Rye, New Hampshire the same day this ad was released.  His position drew criticism from some quarters--for example, the American Petroleum Institute termed it "shortsighted"-- but it should play well in California, where environmental concerns are prominent. 

Despite Gore's strong environmental credentials, he has come under criticism during the past year from on a number of environmental concerns.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently concluded an extensive campaign targeting Gore's support of an animal testing program, and Friends of the Earth PAC endorsed Gore's Democratic challenger Bill Bradley.