Gore 2000, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot started running Nov. 23, 1999 in Iowa and NH.

Century Media Group.

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[Music] Gore: You can't fix what's wrong with our health care system by getting rid of things that are right. 

Medicaid is a safety net that 40 million Americans rely on. 

It needs to be improved, not eliminated. 

Medicare is a great program but it needs to be fixed, not starved for the money that's needed in order to stabilize its financing. 

We need to build on what works and make sure we get to where every American has health insurance.


Background: Health care has emerged as the major point of contention between the Gore and Bradley campaigns.

Imagery: Opens with Gore, wearing a casual shirt, sitting in a nondescript interior setting talking to the camera.  Footage of Gore talking to the camera comprises much of the ad but four scenes are intercut: a bedridden senior ("preserve Medicaid"); a senior and a youth; a woman using a walker ("protect Medicare"); and, at the close, Gore talking to a disabled girl--she is sitting in an electric cart. 

Analysis: This ad is appears to be referring to Bradley's health care plan although Bradley's name is never mentioned.  By suggesting that Medicaid could be eliminated or Medicare starved for money the ad may raise fears among people those who use the two programs.  The ad does not say how Medicaid should be improved or Medicare fixed. 

The Bradley campaign released an Ad Watch rebutting many of the points in the ad.  For example, Bradley's campaign stated that "Medicaid isn't working" pointing to a Century Foundation report "Medicaid and the States: Fixing a Broken System" (Nov. 16, 1999).