Gore 2000, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot  started running Dec. 10, 1999 in NH.

Century Media Group.

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[Energetic, fast-paced music] Male Announcer: He’s had the courage to take on the big drug companies and fight for more affordable drugs. 

Now Al Gore’s leading the fight for a patients’ bill of rights--to give control back to patients and doctors, not HMO bureaucrats. 

He’s proposed a realistic health care plan to cover America’s children and to put us on the road to universal coverage for everyone. 

A new prescription drug benefit for seniors. 

The only candidate who protects Medicare and preserves Medicaid. 

Al Gore – Fighting for us. 

Imagery: (1) Medium shot of Gore in casual shirt; (2) shelves with bottles of medicine; (3) Gore approaches podium with the vice presidential seal, shakes hand of unidentified man; (4) Gore hugs senior.  (5) Medium shot of Gore speaking; (6) blurry shot of the word "Patient" (apparently on a medical file); (7) doctor and patient with super "Patients' Bill of Rights;" (8) medium close up of Gore doing a hand move; (9) doctor, woman on treadmill; (10) senior in bed, mom and child.  (11) Gore at window looking at papers, flips page; (12) doctor putting X-ray on light box; (13) shot over someones shoulder of Gore gesturing; (14) mom and child reading; (15) very quick shot, initially out of focus, of Gore speaking; (16) parents and kids at table; (17) woman explaining file (medical report).  (18) Bottles of bills and super "A prescription drug benefit for seniors;" (19) senior woman with roses.  (20) Gore speaking with flag backdrop; (21)senior with walker and super "protects Medicare;" (22) Gore with girl and super "protects Medicaid."  (23)  "Al Gore for President."

Analysis: "The only candidate who protects Medicare and preserves Medicaid" is a rather extravagant claim.  Compare the hype-produced approach of this ad, which has at least 23 different images and fast paced music, with the almost lethargic, cable-access-like Bradley health care spots from roughly the same time ("Sioux City Town Hall" and "Living Room" both from Dec. 7).