Gore 2000, Inc.

"How "
60 sec. radio spot from Nov. 1999.

Century Media Group

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Woman 1: I don't know how I'd pay the bills if my child got sick.

Woman 2: I know what your mean--thank goodness my daughter has Medicaid and my mother's got Medicare.

Woman 1: You're lucky the Democrats took on the Republicans and saved Medicare.

Woman 2: You know, you're right.  And you know it's no surprise Al Gore is taking it to the next level--he's got a plan to make sure that every child in America has access to quality, affordable healthcare including those who don't qualify for Medicaid.

Woman 1: I'm not surprised.  Al Gore has always been there for us--whether it's been fighting to rebuild our crumbling schools or to make sure affirmative action stays strong.

Woman 2: Just this month Al Gore stood up to the Republicans and fought to make sure Carol Moseley Braun got her appointment as ambassador...

Woman 1: Just the way he's fighting to make sure the Republicans don't stop our black nominees from becoming judges.

Woman 2: Al Gore's not only a leader...he's a fighter.

Woman 1: He's a friend...

Woman 2: He'll be a president we can count on.


Background: An ad targeted to an African-American audience.