Gore 2000, Inc.

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60 sec. radio spot started running in NH on Jan. 14, 2000.

Century Media Group

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Sen. Ted Kennedy: I've rarely endorsed candidate for President before the caucuses and the primaries and two of them were my brothers.  But this time, I've made an early endorsement of Al Gore, because the stakes are so high.

For years, I've fought for universal health care--and I believe Al Gore has the best plan to get us there.  Under the Gore plan, every child will be covered.  Medicaid will be preserved.  Medicare will be strengthened.  Senior citizens will have a new prescription drug benefit.  We'll move on to good health care coverage for all Americans.  Al Gore will be the health care President.

Al Gore has proposed the biggest national commitment to education since the GI bill--smaller class sizes, modernized schools, help families save for college.  and that's why Al Gore has been endorsed by America's teachers.

This is Ted Kennedy.  I hope you will join me in standing with a real fighter for working families--Al Gore.