Gore 2000, Inc.

"The Times"
60 sec. radio spot started running in NH on Jan. 26, 2000.

Century Media Group

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Gov. Jeanne Shaheen: We remember what the economy was like seven years ago… 

Times were tough. 

Businesses were laying people off. 

Families were struggling … 

This is Governor Jeanne Shaheen. 

We in New Hampshire have worked hard - very hard - to turn things around…. 

100,000 new jobs.  We've become a high-tech center.  And a growing financial powerhouse. 

New Hampshire's economy is working again - and Al Gore has the experience and the plan to keep it going. 

Al Gore will keep the budget balanced.  Pay down the nation's debt.  And only Al Gore will use the budget surplus wisely - to fix health care, to invest in our schools, to protect Medicare and save Social Security. 

This is Governor Jeanne Shaheen.  This Tuesday, don't take our prosperity for granted.  Join me in supporting Al Gore - he's got the leadership and experience New Hampshire needs. 

Voice Over: Paid for by Gore 2000