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Kristina Kiehl
60 sec. radio spot started running in WA on Feb. 24, 2000.

Century Media Group

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Kristina Kiehl: My name is Kristina Kiehl. 

Gloria Steinem and I founded Voters for Choice, the largest independent bi-partisan political committee to keep abortion safe, legal and available. 

The pro-choice movement is at a critical point.  The next President could appoint two to three Supreme Court justices who might outlaw abortion. 

The pro-choice community must stand united. 

That's why I'm disappointed Bill Bradley has chosen to attack Al  Gore on abortion rights, simply for political gain. 

The fact is both Bill Bradley and Al Gore are strongly pro-choice. 

I am disappointed because I endorsed Bradley for President last  year. 

Today, I no longer support Bill Bradley because his unfair negative attacks divide us at the very moment we should stand together against the real enemy -- the Republican candidates who don't trust women to make responsible reproductive choices. 

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