Gore 2000, Inc.

60 sec. radio spot started running on March 2, 2000.

Century Media Group

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Al Gore: This is Al Gore.

Tuesday, March 7th, is election day in the Democratic primary for President.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all who enlisted in the civil rights movement gave everything to open the doors for all Americans.

It is your right ot vote that they fought for.  And now is your turn to vote to keep America on the high road of jobs for our community and equality for all.

I ask for your vote, so we can rebuild our schools, so we can continue to fight for economic equality, defend affirmative action, and put an end to racial profiling.

I ask for your vote, so we can achieve health care coverage for all children and then for all Americans.

I ask you to stand with me on March 7th.  And if you entrust me with the Presidency, I will fight for you.

Male Announcer: This Tuesday stand with the leader who has always stood with us, for our children, for our communities.  Stand with Al Gore. 

Al Gore.  Fighting for us.

Al Gore: Paid for by Gore 2000.