Gore 2000, Inc.

60 sec. radio spot started running in NY on March 2, 2000.

Century Media Group

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Male Announcer [jazz music in background]: He's stood up to the radical right to protect our civil rights and fight for economic justice.

Al Gore: defending affirmative action, raising the minimum wage, fighting for universal access to pre-K, and working to fix our crumbling schools.

Health care for children and then for all Americans.  An end to racial profiling.

Al Gore is fighting for us.

Congressman Rangel: This is Congressman Charles Rangel.  Al Gore has worked with the Congressional Black Caucus on the issues of Social Security and Medicare, job opportunities, empowerment zones.

C. Virginia Fields: C. Virginia Fields, Manhattan Borough President.  Al Gore will certainly fight for African-Americans in this country.  Al Gore's going to fight for education.  He's fighting for our children.

Comptroller McCall: This is Comptroller Carl McCall.  Al Gore has a proven record.  If we want Al Gore to fight for us, we've got to get people out on March 7th to vote for Al Gore.

Male Announcer: This Tuesday, March 7th, Al Gore needs our vote.

Al Gore.  Fighting for us.

Al Gore: Paid for by Gore 2000.