Gore 2000, Inc.

60 sec. TV spot  run in selected IL markets (reaching into IA, KY and MO) starting March 17, 2000.

Century Media Group.

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[Music] Male Announcer: George W. Bush: From South Carolina to New York, he used dirty politics to trash John McCain's record.  Now he's running attack ads against Al Gore. 

Al Gore has fought to put 100,000 new teachers in the classroom; for tougher standards to make sure our children are learning; to give parents more choice in choosing public schools.  Now, for the first time, reading scores in the key grades of 4th, 8th and 12th are going up across America. 

And Gore has a plan to bring revolutionary improvements to our schools: Smaller class sizes.  Higher standards for teachers and students.  Rebuilding crumbling schools.  Turning around failing schools. 

Bush's Texas record?  45th in the nation in SAT scores; an accountability system so full of cheating it's under investigation; Texas ranked the 48th worst state in America to raise a child. 

On the issue of education, America deserves a real debate, not more negative ads from George W. Bush. 

Al Gore is ready. Is George W? 

Background:  "Turning" ran in response to the Bush ad "Challenge the Status Quo."   Ostensibly aired for the March 21 Illinois primary, these two 60-second TV spots marked the first ad skirmish of the fall campaign.  The subject was education.  The two spots ran in selected IL markets (reaching into IA, KY and MO) starting March 17, 2000.  See Analysis.