Gore/Lieberman, Inc.

AmJobSec Response
30 sec. TV spot  running in Tampa, FL on Nov. 6, 2000 

The Campaign Company

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Male Announcer [Music]: This ad attacking Al Gore is false.  It's paid for by big insurance companies.  [Static SFX].

On Social Security, Gore strengthens it.  Not a dime taken out of anyone's check.

George Bush takes one trillion dollars out of Social Security, threatening current benefits.

Prescription drugs.  Gore, voluntary under Medicare.  Seniors can keep private coverage.  Doctors decide medicine.

Bush.  Force seniors to HMOs and insurance companies.  Premiums over $900.

Is he ready to lead?

Background: This is a response to the Americans for Job Security ad which had a heavy buy in the Tampa market (no information on other markets) during the closing days of the campaign.  Interestingly, and for reasons that are not clear, the campaign chose to respond to the Americans for Job Security ad but not to similarly critical ads (1, 2) by "American Seniors, Inc." which were also getting a fair amount of airplay.