Gore/Lieberman, Inc.

60 sec. TV spot  run initially in AR, DE, KY, FL, IL, LA, ME, MI, MO, NM, OH, OR, PA, WA, WI, WV starting Aug. 22, 2000.

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Male Announcer: 1969.  America in turmoil.  Al Gore graduates college.  His father, a U.S. Senator, opposes the Vietnam War.  Al Gore has his doubts, but enlists in the Army.

When he comes home from Vietnam, the last thing he thinks he'll ever do is enter politics.  He starts a family with Tipper, becomes an investigative reporter.

Then Al Gore decided that to change what was wrong in America, he had to fight for what was right.

He ran for Congress.  Held some of the first hearings on cleaning up toxic waste...made the environment his cause...broke with his own party to support the Gulf War. 

Fought to reform welfare with work requirements and time limits.  His fight now is to ensure that prosperity enriches all our families, not just the few.

Strengthen social security; take on big drug companies to guarantee prescription drugs for seniors; hold schools accountable for results; tax cuts for working families and the middle class.  

Al Gore -- married 30 years...father of four...fighting for us.

Background: Gore's first ad of the fall campaign is largely biographical, with some issue points tagged on the end.  This ad is fast-paced and uses a lot of different images.  The ad does not mention or show President Clinton.