Gore/Lieberman, Inc.

"Ian Malone"
30 sec. TV spot  run starting Sept. 9, 2000.

The Campaign Company

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Announcer: Medical errors during birth left Ian Malone needing constant care. But the HMO began cutting them off against doctorís orders. 

Christine Malone: We had gotten to the point of complete desperation.

Announcer: Al Gore heard their story, and fought back.

Christine Malone: He told the insurance company, "Donít do this. Donít cut this childís coverage."

Announcer: Al Gore got the Malone family the help they needed. But knowing that all families need protection from HMO abuses, heís fighting for a real Patientsí Bill of Rights. 

Christine Malone: Even if he fought half as hard for the people of our country, as he did for my sonÖnobody loses.