Gore/Lieberman, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot  run starting Sept. 20, 2000.

The Campaign Company

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[tense music] Male Announcer: Newspapers say George Bush's prescription drug ad misrepresents the facts. 

In fact, Al Gore's plan covers all seniors through Medicare, not an HMO. 

Under Gore, seniors choose their own doctor and doctors decide what drugs to prescribe. 

George Bush forces seniors to go to HMOs and insurance companies for prescription drugs.  They have no choice. 

And Bush leaves millions of middle-class seniors with no coverage. 

Al Gore -- the only prescription plan that gives all seniors coverage and choice.

Background: Responds to charges in the Bush ad "Compare" (Sept. 14) and such RNC ads as "Notebook" and "Federal" that Gore's plan would force senior into a "government HMO."