Gore/Lieberman, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot  run starting Oct. 7, 2000.

The Campaign Company

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Male Announcer [Music]:  The truth about prescription drugs isn't in this notebook. It's in your checkbook. 

Bush relies on insurance companies.  They now charge $90 a month. 

Under Gore, $25 a month through Medicare.  Under Bush, millions of middle-class seniors not covered. 

Under Gore, coverage available to all seniors under Medicare.  Seniors choose their own doctor.  Medigap still available. 

Under Bush, seniors forced into HMOs and insurance companies.  Medicare premiums could rise 47 percent. 

Get all the facts. 

Background: Response to the RNC ad "Notebook."  The Gore campaign released three ads on the same day, all designed to "highlight Gore's plans to strengthen families and ensure that current surpluses are used to enrich, not just the few, but all families."