Gore/Lieberman, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot  run starting Oct. 7, 2000.

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Male Announcer [Music]: Big corporations get a tax write off for education or training for their high-paid executives. 

But for hard-working, middle-class families, you don't get enough help to afford your kids' college tuition. 

Al Gore understands middle-class families need help.  $10,000 of college tuition tax deductible every year to help middle-class families send their kids to college. 

Gore: We need help for middle-class families to pay college tuition by making it tax deductible.  I'm for a lifelong commitment to education.

Background: The Gore campaign released three ads on the same day, all designed to "highlight Gore's plans to strengthen families and ensure that current surpluses are used to enrich, not just the few, but all families."